Payment Solutions

Cardtronics offers payments processing products and services to financial institutions across Canada. Our solutions suite helps our clients get up to speed quickly with payment, processing and back-end services that deliver secure, world-class technology – without being burdened with the costs of implementing and maintaining a system internally. We can also complement your payments solutions with comprehensive cash management through our ATM Solutions programs.

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Open Wallet Mobile Solution

The open wallet mobile solution from Cardtronics supports all major open wallet solutions and in-app transaction processing, so cardholders can pick their favorite wallet service and enjoy the vast range of features. Not tied into any one proprietary, and often under-utilized, wallet platform, the Cardtronics solution allows cardholders to use the wallet they use most that comes integrated with their mobile device.

Our complete solution allows cards to be provisioned for mobile use and provides processing and transaction tracking along with secure biometric authentication and 24/7 support.

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Transaction Processing

Cardtronics offers a highly sophisticated and integrated transaction processing solution based on the EMV compliant Postilion Switch, a highly scalable and reliable system designed for robust and customizable processing. Benefits of our platform include:

  • Active/Active: Cardtronics is the only transaction processor in Canada to operate our switches in Active/Active mode. This means we operate two independent data centres, both of which actively process transactions and load balance in realtime, virtually eliminating downtime.
  • Reporting: access a full suite of reports designed to address a variety of reporting and settlement requirements.
  • Network Gateway access: easily access the major transaction networks including:
    • Interac®
    • Cirrus®
    • PLUS
    • American Express®
    • Accel®

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Fraud Solutions

Cardtronics offers user-friendly solutions in a service bureau model, the largest in Canada, to help financial institutions combat exposure to fraud without making costly investments to internal infrastructure. Our suite of fraud solutions assists clients in their efforts to reduce fraud loss, protect their brand and provide a positive cardholder experience.

Our fraud-management solutions include:

  •  24/7, near real-time, rules-based fraud detection system
  •  24/7 Debit Card Cancellation Service
  •  Ability to automatically block debit cards identified as at risk
  •  Near real-time data feeds to support your internal fraud detection systems
  •  Spending limit reductions in countries at higher risk of fraud

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Debit & Prepaid Card Solutions

Cardtronics offers turnkey debit and prepaid card services, providing a convenient and value-added service to clients. Producing EMV chip cards is a complicated process, we work to ensure your card looks great and works well in today’s ever-changing transaction processing environment.

We oversee the entire card management process from start to finish, including technical support, certification and approval, end-to-end testing support, card design and artwork services, and card manufacturing and personalization.

When it comes to prepaid cards, our end-to-end, open-loop offering gives your customers the safety, flexibility and convenience of a prepaid card without hefty development costs. As a member of Visa, Interac® and Mastercard, we offer you access to the networks your customers trust and rely on.

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